the ‘9.5 Magnitude’ impact on the
corporate venturing landscape.

The best weapon for innovation is
corporate venturing.

Investing in innovation is more critical than ever to remain competitive. While startups shake traditional markets, and with consumers defining new demands, established corporations are forced to accelerate innovation efforts beyond any previously known pace.

The most agile enterprises have structurally embraced Corporate Venturing, as a means to anticipate on trends, induce growth in and outside own ecosystems, renew business models and access the customer of tomorrow. Can you recognize your trigger to start corporate venturing?

Which trigger will get you started with corporate venturing?

3 out of 4 corporate venturing initiatives don’t yield the expected results.

The Corporate Venturing landscape.

Whether you start from internal assets, ideas, or resources (inside-out), or you look for external opportunities or start-ups to invest in (outside-in), there are many corporate venturing possibilities available.

Most of these corporations require a newly nurtured mindset and a lot of movement in a inadequate corporate structure. That’s why 3 out of 4 corporate venturing initiatives don’t yield any result.

The impact of 9.5 Magnitude.

Acting as a co-investor, 9.5 Magnitude has built a readymade set-up to launch your corporate venture on demand, in very close partnership.

Launching new ideas to the market suddenly goes fast, becomes affordable and gives a new breeze to your company culture. Yet the reward, successfully executing NewCo’s that strengthen your business generating growth, remains.

This is what 9.5 Magnitude co-invests in the corporate venture:

Knowledge & experience
Injecting true-born entrepreneurs: our ‘active investors’.
Substantial capital
We back up our involvement with skin in the game.
Execution power
We infuse top-notch consultancy.
We use a proven structure and ‘9.5 Methodology’.`
We have a global network of tech & business leaders.

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