A leading investment platform,
built upon a rock-solid methodology.

The 9.5 Methodology. Driven by growth, speed and co-investment.

The 9.5 Methodology harnesses co-investment rounds, your corporate resources, and our unrivalled expertise to launch fully-fledged businesses based on your corporate DNA. We generate equity-based growth from idea to scale-up in 6-9 months.

An end-to-end format
That Shatters the 91% Start-Up Fail Rate.

Our three-phase growth plan disrupts traditional fail rates through effective controls and clear structures. The 9.5 Methodology focuses resources and teams using iterations of real market insights.

Phase 1: Ideate

Idea Diligence

A true deep dive, discovering the market’s Customer of Tomorrow. Resulting in viable business opportunities built upon the corporate’s DNA. All defined, validated and structured in articulated business ideas, supported by tangible mock-ups. The end-result: a clear roll out plan, a thoroughly selected team with pre-defined real user and expert boards.

Phase 2: Build

Newco Incubation Programme

Powered by the proven methodology of bundl.com we design, build and validate the value propositions in multiple iterations over a time of 5 months. The NewCo and its products/services are actually deployed on the market and validated with real customers. A convincing validated business case with roadmap and financial plan will take us to the scale-up level.

Phase 3: Scale & Maintain

Growth Programme

Where intrapreneurs become entrepeneurs. A joint scale-up methodology, led by a precisely sourced management team, supported by all available corporate and entrepreneurial expertise. Business insights, leadership, growth hacks and route-to-market become core-strengths. Whether the NewCo turns into a spin-in, spin-off or spin-along is a case by case decision.

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